Bulimia Facts

Bulimia Facts

Bulimia Facts


Obesity or excess body weight not only causes problems for one person,bulimia facts but can also affect the person psychologically. Dissatisfaction with appearance, the fear of peer rejection and lack of diet plans followed all can lead to a person's psychological disorder called "bulimia".bulimia facts Popularly known as "bulimia" is an eating disorder that causes recurrent binge eating and debugging to be carried out in a repeated order.bulimia facts People with bulimia go on eating uncontrollably, which is followed by guilt after purging person does what he or she ate. The most dangerous part of this disease is the guilt that makes people resort to unusual means to clean the food of his / her body. The person with bulimia can self-induce vomiting, use of laxatives and suddenly could follow a rigorous exercise routine. The person suffering from this disorder did it because he / she feels the need through self-imposed punishment for his / her facts of bulimia.bulimia facts For more information on bulimia nervosa facts, read on.

Bulimia Facts, facts of bulimia:

• Bulimia nervosa or binge eating followed by inappropriate control measures and abnormal weight. The person suffering from bulimia exercise excessively, make use of laxatives, diuretics, or even force herself to vomit or purge to control their weight...bulimia facts or facts of bulimia
• Another interesting fact about bulimia is that people experience significant changes in their weight, but losing weight is not as obvious as in people with anorexia.
• People with bulimia are ashamed of themselves and so they are discreet about their eating habits. People with bulimia are very aware of their abnormality that makes them discreet in their eating habits.
• bulimia facts does not fire because of hunger in a person, but because of a response to emotional stress, depression or feelings about weight, body shape, and food.
• binging and purging actually succeed each other. A person with bulimia facts feels he / she has lost control of his / her diet, so that he / she is cleared a sense of balance and control.
• Another alarming facts of bulimia is that people suffering from this disorder can go days without food after an episode facts of bulimia, instead of forcing them to vomit or purge.
• Exercise is another common trait of a person suffering from bulimia facts. They perform not only to control but also to lose weight they think they have learned during the episode facts of bulimia.
• There is no exact cause of bulimia facts. This is a disorder that usually starts when a person begins to hate his / her body. The person may have the perception that he / she has gained weight and should follow a diet.
• Studies have shown that people with bulimia facts experience changes in their metabolic rate, a perception of fullness and anomalies in the interaction of the nervous system that produce hormones.
• Recent research on bulimia nervosa facts shows that the disorder is not limited to a culture or a particular category. The anomaly is widespread in all strata of society, often in women than in men.
• Bulimia facts is very difficult to diagnose and may come to light, if some areas of medical or psychological problems.
• Doctors seek recurrent episodes of binge eating, the case of a person who eats more than two hours than the average person, the signs of a person to lose control during an episode of binge etc.
• A person with bulimia facts or bulimia nervosa facts usually swollen cheeks or jaws. One may notice broken blood vessels in the eyes of the victim, and their teeth may look clear because of damage to the enamel.
• A person with bulimia facts may have several cavities due to exposure to stomach acids that damage tooth enamel. The person may also develop sensitivity to hot or cold foods. They may also experience pain in the salivary glands,bulimia nervosa facts.

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