What Causes Bulimia? - 3 Causes of Bulimia and Other Eating Disorders

More and more people are suffering from the eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa. Yet although many studies have been carried out into this disorder not much is known about the causes of bulimia. In fact in many cases where people are diagnosed with this particular eating disorder it is a combination of things which have resulted in them suffering from it.
In this article we look at few of the things that are considered to contribute greatly to the causes of bulimia in people today.
Cause 1 - We live in a world where lots of emphasis is placed on looking beautiful and thin. This then leads to large numbers of people being unhappy with the way they look especially young women. Unfortunately they see images of women looking thin but which to be reached are completely unrealistic for them.
Cause 2 - Many people who have low self esteem are the kinds who may become bulimic. Why they have low self esteem can be caused by a number of things, their childhood may have been bad where they were abused. The other reason is that they suffer from depression or try to be perfect in everything that they do.
Cause 3 - People who are constantly dieting are also the type of people who are going to be a risk of suffering from the eating disorder known as bulimia nervosa. This is especially true when a person choose to use very drastic diets to help them lose weight and which results in them binge eating. Many find them self relying heavily on these diets and so results in them being caught in a cycle of dieting and binge eating.

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