Powerful Advice for Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating

1. Know that diets aren't the answer.
Bulimics and binge eaters or those desiring weight loss often think that dieting is the answer. Well, it's not and here's why. The facts speak for themselves when repeated studies on dieting as a way to lose weight show that the failure rate is over 90%. That's astonishingly high. The diet industry makes billions of dollars exploiting this well known fact. It is vested in your failure, it doesn't want you to lose weight and be lean, happy and healthy. It wants you to buy more diet products, plans and potions where you end up on this merry-go-round which is doomed to failure, spending more money in the process.
Don't ever diet again. NLP and hypnotherapeutic methods of helping sufferers to overcome bulimia and binge eating have a 70% success rate. Doesn't that sound better than the 90% failure rate of conventional dieting?!
The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Wouldn't it be better to model your behaviour on something that works? By learning to eat like a happy, lean and healthy person does, you give yourself the maximum chance of success of breaking free of your destructive relationship with food. You can achieve this by using NLP and hypnotherapy.
2. Thinking things will improve on their own just isn't true. Things won't improve on their own and that's a fact.
This is vital to understand and acknowledge if you're looking to stop bulimia and binge eating. Unless you massively change your conscious and unconscious beliefs, you will keep on doing the same. At the moment, you are hard wired to your habit of binging. Like most sufferers, you likely have underlying beliefs about yourself such as 'I'm greedy', 'I'm not good enough' or 'I never succeed at weight loss'. These must change in order to break free from your habitual binging and purging if you're a bulimic.
The good news is, you can change your unhelpful unconscious thoughts around eating by yourself and the even better news is, it only takes seconds. Take your worst negative statement about yourself. A common one is "I'll never be slim and I don't deserve to be slim and happy". Be aware of whatever your statement is and listen to it, simply noticing it when it speaks. Now, visualise a little, fluffy duckling sitting on your hand saying this same statement in its cute, 'quacky' voice. It doesn't sound so true now does it? You can also use a chipmonk's voice or something equally as ridiculous sounding.
This is just one of many simple techniques to get you on the road to being slim, happy and healthy. While you're focusing on these techniques, the weight drops off by itself. These techniques and more are just waiting for you to discover in the world of NLP and hypnosis which will help you overcome bulimia and binge eating forever.

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