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A lot of people are searching for bulimia definition. So, what is bulimia? Considering the physical as well as the psychological characteristics is very important to define bulimia. The symptoms of Bulimia may be relatively easy to acknowledge by an outsider but the true reasons why the symptoms occur are very complex. A deep understanding of the bulimics needs is necessary to realize how serious this eating disorder is.
Generally, we define Bulimia Nervosa as when one eats very large amounts of food, much more than an average person would, at a time then shortly thereafter will purge that food. The foods that are eaten are usually extremely high in calorie count and easily accessible foods. The bulimic prefers to eat in privacy so that no one will see them binge and purge.
The foods that are eaten will usually be those that can be eaten with the hands as this is easier to grab the food and place into the mouth. Purging can be done in a number of ways. To induce vomiting, either a finger or a type of utensil will be inserted into the mouth and throat. Medicines can also be used although these will take longer for the purging of the food to occur. Medicines can include Epicac, enemas, laxatives or diuretics.
Another form of purging which takes longer than the processes just noted, are with fasting or excessive exercising. Fasting and exercising take longer to be rid of the excessive calories that have been consumed. This will cause the bulimic to starve themselves and/or quickly deplete their bodies of vitamins and minerals that it requires to be healthy. The bulimic will be extremely tired and could have other symptoms such as dizziness and fainting spells do to the lack of food when exercising.
To properly define Bulimia, not only is it important to see and understand what is happening on the surface but also within the subconscious. The misuse of medicines, fasting and excessive exercising can be limited but to comprehend the real causes to why this poor eating pattern begins must be recognized and thoroughly understood in order to stop this disease.
It is obvious that Bulimia is very harmful on a physical level due to the various purging processes that are used but the psychological aspect is much more devastating. The actual mindset that one is in when making the decision to begin this horrific bingeing and purging processes is unknown. Being overloaded with negative thoughts and emotions can make anyone upset. Believing that one does not have the ability to solve problems, to resolve conflicts, to take negative criticism and disregard them to stay mentally stable is simply too much. Feeling ashamed of their feelings and worthless of who they are makes the bingeing and purging a release.
We have heard that bulimia definition is as an eating disorder, but isn't it really much worse than just an eating disorder? It is abusing both the body and the inner self. The concept of what the mind can do is beyond what anyone can truly imagine. With the intense sense that one feels that they are not worth anything to anyone, that are not able to resolve or cope with problems in life that a wonderful person will resort to bingeing and purging for escape is beyond our simple understandings.

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